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Tips For Choosing The Best Dog Daycare

06.05.18 By Amy Knowles

Different Types of Dog Daycare

Nowadays there are many different varieties of the term “dog daycare”.
Whether that be one an indoor facility which tend to be based in a warehouse/industrial type unit on a larger scale with around 40/50 dogs attending each day, a more “outdoorsy” set up based on land with some kind of cabin/shelter again that accommodate a large number of dogs daily. Or another option are dog daycares based from home that offer a similar service to what we do at Charlie’s Canine Companions.

There are pros and cons to each of these and you must first consider what is best for your dog.

What you should consider

I would always advise that you check out the place you are potentially going to send your dog beforehand. Whether that be a home daycare or a larger facility. Join them for a walk or pop into the daycare, so you can see how things work for yourself. If any of the daycares are hesitant to show you around, be wary!

Ask Questions

Are they licensed and insured for the services they offer
 (ask for evidence)
– Are the dogs friendly and happy and sociable together?
– Is it calm and quiet, or noisy and chaotic?
– Do the staff look happy? Are they engaging with the dogs?
-How many dogs do they have together in one space?
Ratio of staff to dogs?
-If it’s an indoor facility, how are the dogs stimulated?
Although ball games and toys sound fun, in a large group of dogs some may get ‘competitive’ and snap.
-Do they take un-neutered males that are over 12 months old? The answer should be no. This is generally the case for experienced day cares, but not so for inexperienced or new operators who need to fill spaces. In a group dynamic, testosterone is not a good thing.

Overall, choosing your preferred doggy day care provider should be fun and rewarding, for both you and your dog.

They’ll certainly thank you for it!

Thanks for reading!