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13.11.18 By Amy Knowles

We recently got in touch with Debbie from Horse&Dog Photography UK Lancashire. 
I really loved the idea of having a shoot with our dogs in order to capture the bond I have with each and every one of them.
Debbie was more than happy to help, she had worked alongside business’ previously on commercial shoots as well as working with Dogs and their owners on something a little more personal, not forgetting she has experience working with and photographing horses too.

(This gave me plenty reassurance that she could handle my lot haha).

Before our shoot I was contacted and given some information about what exactly would be included. I was able to send over some ideas that I had and based on this Debbie helped me to decide on the perfect location and I am so glad she did!

We chose to visit Walkden Gardens in Sale, a real hidden gem.

I had seven of our regular dogs with me on the day of the shoot, a wide variety of different breeds and sizes.
To most photographers this might have been a little daunting, but Debbie was excited to get to meet them and to bring out each of their personalities through her images. She soon fell in love with them all and her confidence definitely put all of my dogs at ease in what were somewhat unfamiliar circumstances.

Bentley, Me Bertie & Henry.

Never a dull moment when you spend your days in such good company.

To begin with, we had a walk around the gardens, we spend most of our days exploring so it seemed the perfect way to get some natural shots of myself and the dogs together, just having fun!

A few treats later we got some group shots and the dogs did me proud! Such posers.

Pepper, Molly, Buddy & Bentley.

Buddy is never far away when he hears the treat bag rustling.

Infact, they all come running! Perfect opportunity for a group shot.

We took “brothers” Henry & Bertie to the Japanese style Gardens for some Individual shots.

Bertie was a superstar!

Henry however was a little shy to begin with.
But there’s nothing a cuddle with “Aunty Amy” can’t fix.

Debbie was very patient and understanding so we took it easy and eased Henry into it with the help of a few tasty treats.

It didn’t take long for him to be showing his younger brother Bertie the ropes.

We loved our experience on our shoot with Debbie and the photos turned out great!

Thanks for reading!