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The benefits of sending your dog to daycare

05.05.18 By Amy Knowles

Some people don’t quite understand the benefits of doggy daycare, some may even question if its necessary,  but us ‘dog people’ know that doggie daycare has a multitude of advantages. Here are a few of my reasons why we think you should give it a go!


Interacting with other dogs and people at daycare and also whilst out on walks will help provide your dog with mental stimulation. All dogs need this stimulation to keep their brains active and prevent them from getting bored. Daycare is an excellent way of relieving boredom and stopping unwanted behaviours caused by boredom when left alone for long periods of time.


Your dog will learn to socialise at daycare with both new people and most importantly other dogs. A variety of different breeds/ages and size. This helps to build their confidence when meeting new dogs and being handled by new people. It is very important to socialise your dog from a young age and daycare is a great way of doing this in a friendly, controlled environment.


Whilst at daycare, your dog will never be left alone. Although most owners often wish they could spend all day with their dogs, due to their work schedule this isn’t always possible, another great reason to send them to doggy daycare.


A day spent at daycare is lots of fun, and can be very tiring. Playing with other dogs and staying active will help your dog’s burn off lots of energy. They will be much calmer and more relaxed when they get home after a long day at daycare. (Ready for lots of cuddles).


Thanks for reading!